Let’s Get Outside!

How long will the day be?

We plan for a full day and so should you! Starting early gives us a chance to set a pace, enjoy time in the high alpine environment, and be back for a dinnertime feast. Suggested times are listed under Services.

What can you teach me?

We can teach you how to plan a mountain adventure day and how to move through mountain terrain. We can make suggestions for how to train for skiing and hiking, how to dial in your equipment, and what weather and conditions to pay attention to.

What if the weather and conditions are not ideal?

Our day is not just an objective, but an experience with built-in options. Sometimes the day turns out for the better, even if the weather is not perfect. If conditions are not there, we will plan for another day.

What is the skiing like?

There are steep ski trails that descend our highest summits and adventurous nordic trails which cross mountain passes. Our alpine terrain includes summit snowfields, open slide paths, and steep gullies. Our forests are full of hardwood glades, too.

What is the hiking like?

Like some of the more involved ski descents, our High Peaks are guarded by long approaches, unmarked paths, and steep hiking trails. There are 46 official High Peaks. Some of them are reached by well-maintained trails and reasonable mileage, whereas the remote and rugged ones make for some seriously tough mountain days.

Why Skylight Mountain Guides?

Our guides have extensive knowledge and experience with Adirondack skiing and hiking, and we can provide you with multiple options that best match current conditions, your fitness, and your skill level. The Adirondacks are where we play, and we’re excited to share the experience with you! A day with Skylight Mountain Guides is a great day in the mountains. Leave the planning to us, and you can focus on enjoying a safe and rewarding adventure.